Where are all of the Australian Made Workwear companies?

Where are all of the Australian Made Workwear companies?

A question we found ourselves asking before starting Only Socks was; Why isn't there any Aussie made workwear brands? 

The answer we quickly discovered was simple 'profits'!

At some point in time Australian companies lost their way (and if you ask us, their morals) and started focusing on how to maximize profits without charging more to their customers.

The solution.... offshore production!

These companies already had a reputation of being Australian owned, and there for had the trust of us Aussies. so quietly they replaced the made in Australia text on their labels to made in china/Vietnam/etc.. while boldly promoting to the world that they are AUSTRALIAN OWNED. 

This had a trickle effect on manufacturing, one by one companies took the offshore route and Australian manufacturing plants slowly closed their doors as they couldn't compete with this new fast fashion approach to manufacturing. 

Only Socks is the modern day solution, we are Paving the way for more businesses to bring back Australian made and help show the world how good Australian made products really are!

With the hopes that maybe in the future we will be bigger than socks, and be the #1 Australian workwear brand, with all products head to toe made in Australia. 

This is our Dream!!
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